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Strokkur Geyser, Iceland – The Golden Circle

Strokkur (the churn), often called “The Mighty Geyser”. is located in the Thingvellier National Park in Iceland. Strokkuer is one of Icelands most visited and most active geysers. Being at the park for no more than fifteen minutes it becomes evident why this geyser is a popular attraction. It erupts every five to ten minutes with a spectacular display of water gushing out to heights of fifteen to twenty meters ( 49 to 65 feet). In rare cases the geyser has been know to reach heights of 40 meters ( 131 feet).

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Exploring Kerið lake, Iceland

As an international landscape photographer, it’s hard to turn down an opportunity to stand on top of a volcano and literally walk down to Kerið lake, a volcanic crater lake in Iceland. Standing on top was steep embankments on each side the rim providing vantage points to give ideal viewing of the Icelandic green scenery and amazing views of the crater lake like I showcase above. Read More